DryYourNails LED Nail Polish Dryer

DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer

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Quickly and Safely Dry Your Nails with our DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer

In-Home Solution - DryYourNails™ at home or on the road.

Save Money! No spa fees to dry your gel nails.

DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer

Short on Time? Save time! DryYourNails™ at home in under a minute.

No need to spend 1 and a half hours at the spa, do it at home!

DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer

Quick and Easy Nail Fix ups from blemishes

Sheet Marks! - Ugh!! Smooth them out in 2 minutes

DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer

Repair Chipped Nails - DryYourNails™ at home fast and easy

Nail Accidents - Fix up those accidental moments quick 

    DryYourNails LED Nail Polish Dryer

    QUICKLY - preset auto time controls of 30, 60 and 99 seconds, cutting cure times by up to 70% over regular UV Nail Dryers

    SAFELY - DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer does not emit UV light

    • Eliminating the possibility of skin damage.

    • You don't need an eye shield

    • Dries all nails or toes at once

      SKIN PROTECTION: There is a low power option if you have sensitive skin and eliminates pain when curing

      DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer requires less energy.

      • USB Powered

      • This saves electricity and the bulbs last indefinitely- up to 50,000 hours

        Perfect for creating nail art quickly with fast drying times

        Eliminates blemish accidents when drying nails

        EFFECTIVE - The DryYourNails™ LED Nail Gel Dryer dries and cures all types of nail gel.

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        NOTE: This product Ships in 15 - 25 days in the US and many other countries.
        However, some Foreign countries and remote islands will take up to 45-60 days due to distance and customs processing.